Rebecca, project manager creative agency

“Since we use Workrooms, we have a higher quality in the outcome. The visual collaboration supports the exchange of ideas and review of the work. Visual markers with comments or tasks directly on the file boosted clear communication with the customer. In addition, all the activities of the entire project are documented automatically. That saves time.”


Patrick, marketing manager retail company

“I receive layouts to review them and can easily make my comments and mark precisely what I want to change. The agency then does the rework and I compare the changes. There are now fewer e-mails in my inbox, regardless the amount of feedback loops we have!“


Lisa, freelance photographer

“I upload all my pictures easily and invite the customer to make a selection directly in the tool. No more excel spreadsheets with file names or e-mails with attached pictures. The sometimes painstaking process of selecting the right pictures transformed into a simple and easy task – for the customer and for me!“

Less overhead & more productivity with Workrooms®

You and your team always have the overview of the status. Go projectless – go Workrooms ®!.