Aaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrrrrgghh. This can’t be happening! – I am still hearing the swearing of my former roommate. He was a freelance filmmaker for image and product videos. He loved his work and was pretty good at what he did. But when he had to incorporate feedback from his clients, he regularly turned into a Hulk.

Cumbersome cooperation

Admittedly, it was a tedious job: at best, he got screenshots with instructions, and at worst, it was all written information spread over several emails. The process was error-prone and also frustrating for the client, who always had to describe the where of the change request before what.

Anyone who works a lot with video, images, text, or sound knows this problem all too well. Wouldn’t it be great to have feedback collected in one place, which the entire team and freelancers can access?

Tools for accelerated feedback

Today many tools can fulfill this wish: Google, Microsoft, or Adobe offer sophisticated commenting functions in their applications, be it commenting on PDFs in Acrobat, text files in Google Docs, or presentations in PowerPoint.

Unfortunately, however, these possibilities do not work outside the applications. If you want to review records centrally, across systems, and process-oriented, you need another solution.

Many marketing departments have approached us with precisely this wish. With WorkRooms, we have developed a tool based on an agile methodology for file and task management within teams. We have also put a lot of love into the commentary function.

Easy marking and communication

The Workrooms Comment Editor has four marking tools:
  1. Pin. The pin can be used to set an exact point. It’s beneficial for general comments, for example: “I want this picture brightened up.”
  2. Rectangle. With the rectangle, you can mark standard objects like a paragraph in a PDF.
  3. Circle. The circle is often used to comment on logos.
  4. Freehand. With this tool, you can draw markings freehand. This is useful when you want to highlight a specific product family photo.

View and comment on videos

WorkRooms can not only process images and documents. WorkRooms can also display the content of videos and add precise comments. For example, in the case of animated product videos, you can tell the frame exactly where changes are needed.

In the picture below, I left a comment for our head of marketing in the WorkRooms product video at minute 0:33 that the top text box should be deleted:

Markers in audio files work on the same principle. The aim of the WorkRooms commentary function is always to speed up creative decisions noticeably thanks to targeted feedback. Who knows, maybe my roommate wouldn’t have mutated into a Hulk so often.